A consignment library of reusable software components for use over the World-Wide Web

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Virginia Tech

This research project report discusses the development of a commercial, consignment-based library (a) of reusable software components to be accessed using the World-Wide Web. The research project consists of two parts: the development of a prototype system that provides interface and information retrieval functionality for such a system, and an analysis of the technical and business issues involved in making the library operational as a commercial entity.

The prototype system uses a hypertext browser and a query-based search mechanism to access descriptions of reusable software components; these descriptions are structured by a variation of a faceted classification system. The issues addressed include the classification and description of reusable software components; methods of retrieval, especially library browsing methods based on component classification; and analysis of incentives for reuse.

software reuse, reusable software libraries (RSLs), software classification, digital libraries, reuse incentives