2013 CPES Annual Report

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Virginia Tech. Center for Power Electronics Systems


The CPES industrial consortium is designed to cultivate connectivity among researchers in academia and industry, as well as create synergy within the network of industry members. The CPES industrial consortium offers: The best mechanism to stay abreast of technological developments in power electronics; The ideal forum for networking with leadingedge companies and top-notch researchers; The CPES connection provides the competitive edge to industry members via: Access to state-of-the-art facilities, faculty expertise, top-notch students; Leveraged research funding of over $4-10 million per year; Industry influence via Industry Advisory Board and research champions; Intellectual properties with early access for Principal Plus and Principal members via CPES IPPF (Intellectual Property Protection Fund); Technology transfer made possible via special access to the Center’s multi-disciplinary team of researchers, and resulting publications, presentations and intellectual properties; Continuing education opportunities via professional short courses offered at a significant discount. The CPES industrial consortium offers the ideal forum for networking with leading-edge companies and top-notch researchers and provides the best mechanism to stay abreast of technological developments in power electronics.