Human Potential Program for Professionals


This project describes the Human Potential Program for Professionals (HPPP) CS4624 Multimedia, Hypertext, and Information Access capstone project and its deliverables. The goal of the HPPP project centers around assisting Dr. Anna Pittman by creating introductory video material for her HPPP program. The HPPP program consists of eight one hour modules, each of which has an accompanying two to five minute introductory video provided by this capstone project. These videos feature Dr. Anna Pittman giving a brief overview of the module and highlighting the main topics.

After several meetings with Dr. Anna Pittman to discuss her vision for the introductory videos, a schedule was devised for filming. Dr. Anna Pittman also wanted a logo for HPPP which our team provided. Another aspect of the videos was the accompanying background music. This music was original and used Cycling ‘74’s Max/MSP software to create the final three tracks used in the videos. The raw footage was then edited within Apple’s iMovie software and combined the logo and original music. The material was provided to Dr. Anna Pittman for review. After receiving Dr. Anna Pittman’s comments, the team was able to address each concern and make adjustments. This was an iterative process requiring the team to work very closely with Dr. Anna Pittman.

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