Socio-economic and gender issues affecting the adoption of conservation tillage practices

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Africa: The Animal Traction Network for Eastern and Southern Africa (ATNESA)


This paper is about the importance of gender needs during the designing and implementing of policies and programs, and transferring agricultural technologies that affect the adoption of conservation of tillage practice. Women's needs should be given attention because it is important to know why and how development policies and programs influence people's social relation and economic activities. It is not possible to achieve this if technology development and transfer are not natural for all sexes - especially for women. This paper describes socio-economic issues including credit, import taxes, ownership of property, culture and traditional norms. It also explains the importance of gender and technology for adoption of conservation such as technology neutrality, gender mobilization and awareness.


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Conservation agriculture, Women, Gender, Men, Conservation, Conservation tillage, Agricultural ecosystems, Agriculture, Development policy, Social relationship, Technology, Technology neutrality, Financial facilities, Gender mobilization, Culture, Uganda, Ecosystem