Proceedings of the 2017 Web Archiving and Digital Libraries Workshop


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Virginia Tech


  1. HTTPreserve – Web Preservation in Documentary Heritage by Ross Spencer

  2. WARC-Portal: A Tool for Exploring the Past by Muhammad Umar Qasim

  3. Impact of URI Canonicalization on Memento Count by Mat Kelly, Lulwah M. Alkwai, Sawood Alam, Michael L. Nelson, and Michele C. Weigle and Herbert Van de Sompel

  4. Web Archiving Through In-Memory Page Cache by Saket Vishwasrao, Zhiwu Xie, and Edward A. Fox

  5. Building a National Web Archiving Collaborative Platform: The Web Archives for Longitudinal Knowledge Project by Ian Milligan, Nick Ruest, and Ryan Deschamps

  6. Avoiding Zombies in Archival Replay Using ServiceWorker by Sawood Alam, Mat Kelly, Michele C. Weigle, and Michael L. Nelson

  7. Topic Shifts Between Two US Presidential Administrations by Ziquan Wang, Borui Lin, Ian Milligan, Jimmy Lin

  8. Web archives: A preliminary exploration of user expectations vs. reality by Brenda Reyes Ayala

  9. Challenges for Grassroots Web Archiving of Environmental Data by Emily Maemura, Dawn Walker, Matt Price, and Maya Anjur-Dietrich

  10. Legal Deposit, Collection Development, Preservation, and Web Archiving at Library and Archives Canada by Tom Smyth

  11. Working Together Toward a Shared Vision: Canadian Government Information Digital Preservation Network (CGI DPN) by Muhammad Umar Qasim and Sam-Chin Li

  12. Strategies for Collecting, Processing, and Analyzing Tweets from Large Newsworthy Events by Nick Ruest

  13. Classification of Tweets using Augmented Training by Saurabh Chakravarty, Eric Williamson, and Edward Fox



Web Archiving, Digital Libraries