A learning support system for the Visual Simulation Environment

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Virginia Tech

The objective of this research project is to develop a computer assisted education system to enable users to effectively learn the Visual Simulation Environment (VSE), simulation and modeling. The vast amount and the relatively high complexity of the knowledge contained in the VSE, simulation, and modeling, dictate a need to provide an effective mechanism for assimilating the knowledge. This report describes the Learning Support System (LSS), a tool developed to present documents to users in an effective manner, thereby facilitating access to the knowledge contained within the documents. Text, graphics and animations are used within documents to support the learning process. The hierarchical organization of the information structure, the use of hypertext links, and search capabilities facilitate the efficient transfer of relevant information. The LSS thus incorporates features that contribute to an improved learning process. Usability tests across a wider spectrum of users would enable the LSS to be modified to meet the needs of the diverse user community. The LSS will be used in the Spring '95 Simulation classes to aid in the teaching of simulation and modeling. Feedback from users will shape the future enhancements to LSS. Future technology changes are expected to provide advantages for building on the LSS research project described herein.