Diversification and differentiation: The livelihood experience of men and women in Samene

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In Samene, Mali how do assets and access influence livelihood diversification between genders? Women in Samene are more likely to participate in a diverse range of livelihood activities within the farming sector compared to men who are more likely to be involved in non-farm activities. Men earn substantially more than women in all activities except for farming. Women and men hold their assets differently; women tend to have strong natural assets whereas men have stronger physical and financial assets. Access for men and women to livelihood options depends on different factors; for women one of the main factors is the traditional gender division of labor.

Income diversification, Women, Livelihoods, Gender, Assets, Access, Mali, Livelihood diversification, Watershed
Presented at Master's Thesis Defense, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Virginia, 20 April 2009