Agroforestry science: Tackling key global development challenges

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This presentation provides a general overview of the mission and purpose of the International Center for Research on Agroforestry and offers commentary on some recent trends in agroforestry adoption in the tropics. Specifically, the presentation highlights that while the number of trees in natural forest cover is decreasing, the number of trees on farms is substantially increasing. Moreover, population density is actually positively correlated with tree cropping practices as people look to make limited land more productive. The Center also sees carbon as a potential market for agroforestry in a new north-south cash flow for the offset of carbon emissions through environmental and livelihood practices already popularized through tropical agroforestry.

Carbon sequestration, Biodiversity, Forestry, Sustainable forestry, Agroforestry, Agricultural ecosystems, Farming systems, Climate change, Carbon markets, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale
Presented at Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, 16 July 2008