The role of pest management techniques in Indonesian cocoa production

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In the tropics, pest infestation is often a major constraint to agricultural production. Moreover, research earmarked for pest control and pest knowledge is minimal compared to that of research conducted with application to industrialized countries. When pests are not easily controlled this may lead to substantial decreases in yield and high yield variability. This research provides insight into sources of yield variability that in turn generates information for farmers, local extension agents, and the international development community. This research will also contribute to the improvement of outcomes on smallholder cocoa farms in the tropics.



Pest control, Best management practices, Commodity crops, Tropical zones, Economic modeling and analysis, Tree crops, Crop yields, Smallholder farms, Cocoa, Pest infestation, Cocoa pod borer (cpb) moth, Indonesia, Pest management, Farm/Enterprise Scale


Presented at the annual meeting of the American Agricultural Economics Association, Portland, OR, 31 July 2007