Reducing common mode noise of power factor correction converters using general balance concept


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Common mode (CM) noise is substantially canceled in a switching power supply circuit such as a boost converter by providing a split inductor and analyzing the switching power supply circuit as a bridge circuit formed of the switch, portions of the split inductor and parasitic capacitances of respective portions of the power supply circuit. The bridge can then be balanced by addition of capacitance in parallel with the parasitic capacitance of a respective portion of the power supply circuit or dividing the split inductor such that a ratio of inductances of respective portions of the split inductor approximates a ratio of parasitic capacitances of the respective power supply circuit portions which may be measured or otherwise empirically determined. CM noise reduction of up to 40 db can be achieved without symmetric circuit design, addition of circuit elements or complex filtering having added cost, space requirements and power losses. Further, such a reduction in common mode noise allows simple EMI filtering arrangements to be employed further reducing cost and space requirements for the power supply circuit.