Salary Equity Study 2010

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Virginia Tech


As part of the ongoing AdvanceVT program, Virginia Tech conducts salary equity studies on a regular basis to determine sources of variation in faculty salaries. This year’s equity study, conducted by the Office of Institutional Research and Effectiveness, analyzed salary data from December 2009 to reflect a timeframe similar to the previous studies. Considerable attention was paid to race/ethnicity as well as gender as factors in explaining variation in salaries. As in the past, the analysis was completed using the Paychecks1 methodology of using multiple regression techniques in which factors that are expected to affect pay are analyzed for their ability to explain variation in salaries. This report is a summary of findings of this study of factors affecting differences in faculty salary for tenured and tenure-track instructional faculty at Virginia Tech.
The report proceeds with an explanation of the variables considered in the analysis, a description of the population involved in the study, a summary of the models generated in the analysis, an interpretation of the results, and some known short-comings of the report dealing with data quality issues.