The Virginia Mastitis Prevention and Control Program

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Virginia Cooperative Extension Service


Mastitis is the dairy industry's -number oμe herd health problem~ Virginia dairymen launched a state-wide campaign to combat this disease early in 1958 when the Virginia State. Dairyman·'s Association initiated the organization of a State Mastitis Prevention and Control Committee. The committee membership includes representatives from every state organization and agency that works with dairy farmers. Those represented are the Virginia State Dairyman's Association, Virginia Dairy Fieldmen's Association, Purebred Cattle Clubs, Fed~ration of DHIA's, Artificial Breeding Associations, Veterinarians Association, Dairy Products Association, State Department of Agriculture, V.P.I. Department of Agricultural Education, and the V.P.I. Agricultural Extension Service. In 1966 the State Committee added representatives from the Extension Agents' Association, the Vocational Agricultural Instructors' Association, and the Milking Machine Manufacturers' Council. Additional representation from V.P.I. was provided as follows: A representative from Administration, a representative from the Dairy Science Department and a representative from the Veterinary Science Department. The Virginia State Dairyman's Association was empowered to appoint 5 producers instead of one.