Participatory research in rural communities in transition: A case study of the Malaspina-Ucluelet Research Alliance

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Kamloops, BC: FORREX-Forest Research Extension Partnership


This paper provides perspectives on the value of participatory research in empowering rural communities in transition. It highlights one collaborative community-university research alliance in coastal British Columbia and illustrates the benefits and challenges of close linkages between social scientists and communities. It discusses how participatory research can build capacity for successful community economic and social transitions in rural British Columbia, and how challenges and key considerations of community- researcher partnerships are addressed.



Semiarid zones, Temperate zones, Social capital, Indigenous community, Empowerment, Community participation, Local knowledge, Natural resource management, Local governance, Participatory research, Rural communities, Research alliance, Community-researcher partnerships, Coastal british columbia, Ecosystem Governance


BC Journal of Ecosystems and Management 5(2): 39-43