Health Consequences of Rural Women's Productive Role in Agriculture in the Philippines and Other Developing Countries.

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Bridgewater, MA: Bridgewater State College

This article evaluates the type of information available concerning gender literature and how it can affect the understanding of women's productive roles in farm work and their health status. The results show that women's productive farm work is crucial to food security for their families and communities, but has negative health effects associated with them. This article recommends an updated national statistics on the status of women in developing societies, to help increase awareness about gender issues worldwide.

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Maternal mortality, Food strategy, Women, Pesticide poisoning, Gender, Empowerment, Health impacts, Rural women, Productive roles, Health consequences, The Philippines, Agrochemicals, Hazardous, Nutritional deficiency, Decade for women, Agricultural production, Access to resources, Farm/Enterprise Scale Governance
Journal of International Women's Studies 10(4):95-110