Extinction: The Probable Consequence of the Assault on Science and Reason

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Virginia Tech


Humans capacity to reason and dependence on nature has been overshadowed by greed and materialism. As a result, humankind has ignored and attacked scientists and the evidence they have found concerning the state of our biosphere. Before the tragic affects of climate change appeared to be in a distant future, but now the adverse affects of climate change and our global crisis are evident right now. Humankind s use of fossil fuels, especially coal, has created this very dangerous climate. However, deniers have distorted science and created false impressions in the news media that the issue of climate change is still doubtful. The fundamental question is: Is humankind willing to change its behavior to prevent Homo sapiens from becoming extinct? The answer will be shown through actions, not words.



anti-science, climate change, Sustainability, externalities, greenhouse gases