Growth of Bath County 4-H Programming through Adult Volunteer Training

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Virginia Tech


Adult volunteer involvement in 4-H programming is essential for the growth and stability of a community-based 4-H program. Adult volunteer’s needs must be met and quality training must be provided for both their comfort and ability to properly lead a Community 4-H Club and/or short term 4-H program. The matching of youth needs to volunteer skills is crucial for sustainable mentorship opportunities on behalf of the adult volunteer. The project reported here aims to train 4-H adult volunteers through a four-session program to ensure both the comfort level of the adult to lead a 4-H Club or short term program as well as properly facilitate such a program with the skills already obtained from life and career experiences. Research affirms that volunteers need to be both passionate about their involvement with a program for long-standing support and sustainability as well as properly trained in 4-H policy and risk management to ensure a safe, hands-on learning experience for the youth involved. The facilitator will utilize data from pre- and post surveys administered during the training sessions to determine the effectiveness of the training and where future gaps may lie. Additionally, as adult volunteers become comfortable in their particular leadership area and training received, Bath County 4-H community programs will show growth and continual support for years to come.