Gendered Soils Knowledge, Access to Resources, and Agricultural Practices in the Philippines


This presentation discusses the methods and findings of gender research for development in the context of conservation agriculture. The purpose was to determine the gender-based constraints and opportunties for the adoption of conservation agriculture for smallholder farmers in two villages in Northern Mindanao. It reviews a mixed methods approach of combining participatory and geospatial methods to explore the gendered nature of soils knowledge, access to resources, and agricultural practices that are relevant to conservation agriculture. This research found soil knowledge, access to resources, and agricultural practices in this region are gendered. These findings reveal the implications for gender differences in the context of adoption.



Participatory processes, Soil conservation, GIS, Gender, Local knowledge, Gender-based constraints gender-based opportunities conservation agriculture adoption philippines, Farm/Enterprise Scale


Paper presentation for the ASA/CSSA/and SSSA International Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, OH, 22 October 2012