High value agricultural products in Asia and the Pacific for small-holder farmers: Trends, opportunities and research priorities

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Taiwan: AVRDC- The World Vegetable Center


High value agricultural products (HVAP) markets are growing rapidly. This rapid growth brings both opportunities and risks particular to the small-scale farmers and the poor. In Asia and the Pacific there has been an increasing feminization of agriculture, but studies are inconsistent determining if women's participation in HVAP markets is limited. Some evidences suggest that class and economic status are greater limiting factors to participation than gender. HVAP crops are generally costly to produce which means that most producers require credit to finance their crops. Limited access to education, technologies, inputs (good quality seeds) and markets can also be limiting factor to small-scale producers' participation. This study combined different studies included case studies, 24 published success stories, and an in-house impact assessment. Some of the opportunities for women in HVAP markets include employment and income opportunities, nutrition and health improvement, social solidarity and empowerment. Policies need to allow small-scale farmers to participate in markets.


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Small-scale farming, Markets, Gender, Participatory processes, Hvap products, Participation, Methodology, Asia and the pacific


Presented at the High Value Agricultural Products Workshop, CIAT, Cali, Colombia, 3-5 October 2005