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The goal of this project was to create a logo and video to help promote the Port research space. Port is a digital research commons located on the library side of Torgersen Bridge, in room Torgersen 3320. It has seven computers with a variety of software installed that students might not easily get access to otherwise. The Port space also has a meeting room, appropriate for small consulting sessions and groups. The space can be reserved online through the Virginia Tech Library website. Anyone is free to use Port to utilize the software on the computers. A valid Hokie passport is required to gain entrance to the space.

In order to inform and promote Port, Purdom Lindblad, our client, wanted both a logo designed for the space and a video to promote all that Port has to offer. Purdom is one of three library employees in charge of Port. These deliverables are designed and created with the goal of attracting people of all disciplines and levels to use Port, regardless of major or year (senior, freshman, or faculty). The end product promotes Port as a sandbox where one can learn and explore any subject they wish.

The logo is designed with the theme of learning in mind and aesthetic appeal. Our client wanted the logo to be easily usable in a variety of situations including a Port website, on flyers, and on notices inside the Port space. Also, two versions of the logo were requested: one full size, used in places such as a banner on a website, and a smaller compact version, used where a logo of square dimensions would be required. The two logos should obviously be similar in design to mesh well when viewed together.

Over the course of the semester, Stuart was able to design and create a logo that fulfilled these needs. After initial designs were approved by the client, Stuart created the logo in a free vector graphics program, Inkscape. Every few weeks while meeting with the client, we discussed the progress on the logo and got continuous feedback to evolve the logos into what became the final product. Both a small and full size version of the logo were delivered in several formats so that Purdom would have the correct logo for any situation.

The video requested was a 3-5 minute promotional video that could be uploaded to YouTube or embedded in the Port website. Throughout the semester, Stuart and Josh used Innovation Space equipment to film the Port lab, the meeting space, and the surrounding areas in and outside of Torgersen Bridge. They also collected screen casts of library faculty showcasing software offered in Port. Josh wrote narration for the video which Stuart recorded in the Innovation Space sound booth. The video was compiled and edited by Josh using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 (http://www.adobe.com/products/premiere.html). Music for the video was retrieved from http://www.jewelbeat.com. Josh completed several drafts throughout the semester, adding to and changing the video as more footage was captured and feedback from the client was taken into consideration. The final video is 3 minutes and 49 seconds long and can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QtfpyOC6q0


Logo PDF files should be accessible by any PDF reader such as Adobe Reader. SVG files of the logo are vector graphics accessible by programs such as Inkscape or Adobe Illustrator. PNG files are image files of the logo that should be able to be opened by any operating system's default image viewer. The final report is submitted in both .doc (Microsoft Word) and .pdf formats. The video is submitted in .avi format and can be viewed with Windows Media Player or VLC. Audio .wav files are also accessible through Windows Media Player and VLC.


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