Working with community-based conservation with a gender focus: A guide

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Gainsville, FL: University of Florida, MERGE (Managing Ecosystems and Resources with Gender Emphasis)


This guide uses case studies from the Parks in Peril program, a conservation initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean, to offer six steps to analyze and integrate gender into community-based conservation initiatives. It is intended to be used as a training tool for personnel working in the field, organizations and institutions, or policy. Each step provides opportunities to develop a conceptual understanding of a specific topic followed by a hands-on exercise, ultimately resulting in some form of tangible result. The topics range from developing an understanding of gender roles to understanding what kind of barriers women face in terms of participation.


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Women, Training, Gender, Conservation, Community participation, Gender integration, Parks in peril, Community-based conservation, Governance


Case Studies Series on Gender, Community Participation and Natural Resource Management, No. 3