Wildlife conservation in Amboseli, Kenya: Paying for nonuse values

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Traditional grazing grounds near Amboseli National Park (Kenya) are rapidly converted to cropland - a process that closes important wildlife corridors. We explore the scope for introducing a "payments for ecosystem services" scheme to compensate pastoralists for spillover benefits associated with forms of land use that are compatible with wildlife conservation. Our results indicate that such a scheme likely enhances global welfare, but that (i) 'leakage' through excessive stocking rates warrant close scrutiny and (ii) that payments increase the risk of overstocking during droughts.



National parks, Wildlife, Biodiversity, Payments for environmental services, Grazing, Rangelands, Grasslands, Conservation, Savannah, Livestock, Biodiversity conservation, Payments for ecosystem services, Maasai, Elephant conservation, Habitat conversion, Amboseli national park, Kenya, Wildlife corridors


Roles of Agriculture Project: Environment Services. Agricultural and Development Economics Division (ESA), FAO