Development of a Performance Specification for Camera/Video Imaging Systems on Heavy Vehicles


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United States. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration


This document provides revised final performance specifications for Camera/Video Imaging Systems (C/VISs) used in heavy vehicles. The specifications are based on a combination of analyses including driver needs and human factors, current and future video technology, systems analyses, focus groups, preliminary tests, and formal on-road tests. In these specifications C/VISs are divided into two categories: surrogates, which take the place of the essential side mirrors, and enhancements, which are all other applications. The specifications are written in three parts: an introductory section defining terms and stating general requirements, a section providing detailed specifications for two surrogate configuration concepts and nine enhancement concepts, and a section providing additional common detailed specifications. The specifications are intended to serve as a culmination of best approaches and practices for development of viable C/VISs. It is expected that if the specifications are followed, they will result in feasible and reasonably uniform implementation, thereby making the heavy vehicle driver's task more efficient. For background information and research justification of the specifications, the reader is referred to the companion final report, Development of a Performance Specification for Camera/Video Imaging Systems on Heavy Vehicles, DOT HS 810 960 (Wierwille, Schaudt, Spaulding, Gupta, Fitch, Wiegand, & Hanowski, 2007).



Truck videos, Video monitoring, Truck blind spots, Truck mirrors, Truck visibility, Truck safety, Rearviews


Wierwille, W. W., Schaudt, W. A., Spaulding, J. M., Gupta, S. K., Fitch, G. M., Wiegand, D. M., & Hanowski, R. J. (2008). Development of a performance specification for camera/video imaging systems on heavy vehicles. (VTRC-08-CR7). Washington, DC: United States. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Retrieved from