Competing uses of water: The cases of Angat, Laguna, Batangas and Cebu City

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Makati City, Philippines: Philippine Institute for Development Studies


Water plays an essential part in every economic activity and this is the major reason for competition in water usage as well as the basis for the government to come into the picture. What may sound trivial and unbelievable at first is actually a major issue and concern in the agricultural, commercial fisheries, and household sectors. Caught in the balancing act is the government who decides on whose needs should be prioritized. While the government may be aware of most of the problems in the competing uses of water systems, it has, unfortunately, not totally addressed them. Hopefully, this article will continue to serve as a reminder on the need for the government and other concerned agencies to act on this urgent and extensive task of managing the allocation of water.



Groundwater, Water policy, Sedimentation, Water management, Drought, Water use, Water rights, Water quality, Water pollution, National water resource board (nwrb), Ecosystem Governance Watershed


Development Research News 20(6): 1,3-6, 9