WWF PES scheme to pay for Mt. Rijani watershed forest conservation on Lombok island, Indonesia

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On the island of Lombok, Indonesia, WWF is working to conserve the forests of Mt Rinjani. The forests here are vital to the $50 million per year agricultural sector of the region, and supply domestic water worth $14 million. They also bring tourist dollars into the economy, as well as water for local industry. In Lombok WWF is working with local partners, authorities and the major water company to introduce the payment scheme. A WWF study indicated that nearly all 43 thousand households in the area would agree to pay up to US$0.60 per month in special charges. The idea behind the PES scheme is that the funds collected will help pay for conserving the watershed forests at the head of the Segara River and improving social conditions in neighbouring communities.


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Water quality, Payments for environmental services, Environmental impacts, Forest management, Local policy, Tropical zones, Forest ecosystems, Water, Economic impacts, Irrigation, Agricultural ecosystems, Agriculture, WWF Indonesia, Watershed rehabilitation, Best management practice contract, Land concession, Ecosystem Watershed