Design Optimization Of Slotted Waveguide Antenna Stiffened Structures (Swass)

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The objective of the research is to investigate computational methods for design optimization of a Conformal Load-Bearing Antenna Structure (CLAS) concept. Research centers on investigating computational methods for design optimization of a slotted waveguide antenna stiffened structure (SWASS). The goal of this concept is to turn the skin of aircraft into a radio frequency (RF) antenna. SWASS is a multidisciplinary blending of RF slotted waveguide technology and stiffened composite structures technology. Waveguides provide channels for RF signal transmission, as well as structural stiffening. A SWASS skin or stiffener will have numerous slots that allow the RF energy to radiate to the atmosphere. Slot design for maximum RF performance with minimum structural performance degradation due to the slots will be the multidisciplinary, multiobjective design challenge. Initially, waveguides acting as hat stiffeners were considered in this research; then, waveguides that constituted the core of a sandwich panel were designed for loads in the aircraft skin. The concept design requires parameterization of slot shape, size, location, and spacing in conjunction with stiffener or core sizing and spacing, composite material selection, and laminate layout in order to simultaneously meet desired structural and RF performance.



SWASS, CLAS, Slotted waveguide, Response surface methodology, Multifunctional composite structure, SORCER