Modeling of Tunnel Concrete Lining under Fire and Explosion Damage

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This paper presents studies that focus on fire and explosion-induced damage of tunnel structures by employing the Discrete Element Method (DEM). By assuming a two-dimensional aggregate distribution and reconstructing the digital representation of the experimental concrete blocks, a numerical model of the tunnel lining concrete was established in the PFC2D program. The temperature distribution and the shock wave pressure at the surface of the tunnel lining were obtained by using Fluent and LS-Dyna separately; the final damage simulation of concrete section under different conditions was carried out in PFC2D. The results showed that PFC2D cooperatively provided more accurate and effective modeling and visualization of impact damage of concrete blocks. The visualizations of damage indicated the degree of damage more clearly and more intuitively. These findings also provide a potential method for further study of the damage assessment for entire tunnel lining structures.




Zhaopeng Yang, Linbing Wang, and Zhifei Gao, “Modeling of Tunnel Concrete Lining under Fire and Explosion Damage,” Advances in Civil Engineering, vol. 2021, Article ID 8124972, 15 pages, 2021. doi:10.1155/2021/8124972