The New York State Dream Act


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Office of the State Comptroller: New York City


More than a decade ago, New York became the fourth state in the nation to extend in-state college tuition rates to undocumented immigrant students. About 8,300 such students currently attend public institutions of higher education throughout New York, with the overwhelming majority located downstate. Some of these students are unable to attend college full-time, or fail to graduate, simply because the cost is beyond their means. In addition, the cost is a barrier that prevents many low-income undocumented students from enrolling in college. This report states that The New York State DREAM Act would extend eligibility for State financial aid to undocumented college students. These students could also benefit from the creation of a privately funded scholarship program and access to the State’s 529 College Savings Program. If enacted, New York would become the fourth state to offer financial assistance to undocumented college students.



New York Dream Act, Education, Higher--United States, Universities and colleges--United States, undocumented students