Fast generation of Fresnel holograms based on multirate filtering


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Optical Society of America


One of the major problems in computer-generated holography is the high computation cost involved for the calculation of fringe patterns. Recently, the problem has been addressed by imposing a horizontal parallax only constraint whereby the process can be simplified to the computation of one-dimensional sublines, each representing a scan plane of the object scene. Subsequently the sublines can be expanded to a two-dimensional hologram through multiplication with a reference signal. Furthermore, economical hardware is available with which sublines can be generated in a computationally free manner with high throughput of approximately 100M pixels/second. Apart from decreasing the computation loading, the sublines can be treated as intermediate data that can be compressed by simply downsampling the number of sublines. Despite these favorable features, the method is suitable only for the generation of white light (rainbow) holograms, and the resolution of the reconstructed image is inferior to the classical Fresnel hologram. We propose to generate holograms from one-dimensional sublines so that the above mentioned problems can be alleviated. However, such an approach also leads to a substantial increase in computation loading. To overcome this problem we encapsulated the conversion of sublines to holograms as a multirate filtering process and implemented the latter by use of a fast Fourier transform. Evaluation reveals that, for holograms of moderate size, our method is capable of operating 40,000 times faster than the calculation of Fresnel holograms based on the precomputed table lookup method. Although there is no relative vertical parallax between object points at different distance planes, a global vertical parallax is preserved for the object scene as a whole and the reconstructed image can be observed easily. (C) 2009 Optical Society of America



Direct fringe printer, Rainbow hologram, Fast computation


Peter Tsang, Jung-Ping Liu, Wai-Keung Cheung, and Ting-Chung Poon, "Fast generation of Fresnel holograms based on multirate filtering," Appl. Opt. 48, H23-H30 (2009); doi: 10.1364/AO.48.000H23