The Biosphere Life Support System: A Unifying Concept for Ecotoxicologists and Ecologists

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Society of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry


The biospheric life support system, consisting of natural capital and the ecosystem services it provides, has maintained favorable condition for humankind. Therefore, maintaining the health and integrity of the biospheric life support system is essential for the well being of humankind. Toxicologists know that increasing the biosphere s exposure to chemical substances will elicit a deleterious response in the biospheric life support system that human kind cannot afford. Ecologists know that the loss of biodiversity can be catastrophic to the ecosystem services that sustain human kind. Both scientific must come together and collaborate in order to communicate to the public how essential the biospehric life support system is to the survival of humankind.



biospheric life support system, ecotoxicology, ecology, natural capital, ecosystem services