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Ideas to take home: From Sam Savage and from the presentation by Peter Kadar, we need to move away from averages and convey risk accurately. Some issues are worldwide, such as effective communication, funding, personnel cuts, privatization, etc. The future is now topics: RWD and TSD are no longer “out there” but are showing more and more promise. Sustainability also is here to stay. Andre Molenaar commented that wasting demolition waste materials is a real waste. Part of reduced budgets is using all materials but doing so in a planned way. Imaging and sensor technology has improved to allow 2-D and 3-D. We have incredible amounts of data but it is a wealth we need to manage to succeed. We have a legacy remembering Katie Zimmerman’s keynote. We have giants among us and a future generation filled with enthusiasm for this work. Throughout this conference, papers were presented from many US states, including Indiana, Washington, Georgia, Maryland, North Carolina, Virginia and others. International papers came from every corner: New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, United Kingdom, South Africa, Namibia. When you get home, the conference organizers would like you to do the following: Identify a few people from the conference with whom you want to remain in touch and drop them an email; identify a topic or two to try on your own wealth of data; read the paper and give it a go; and articulate two or three ideas from the conference to your boss. On behalf of the Scientific Committee, thank you to the many authors of papers for your generous work; to the workshop presenters - the workshops were a huge success; to the reviewers of papers and the judges of the student challenge; and to the session notetakers - a separate PowerPoint with session by session takeaways will be available after the conference. Thank you also to the Scientific Committee and to the staff at Virginia Tech. We wish you all safe travels home.




Corley-Lay, J. (2015, June). Conference take-aways. Paper presented at the 9th International Conference on Managing Pavement Assets, Alexandria, VA. Presentation retrieved from