Axillary enlargement in gestational gigantomastia, an uncommon presentation of a rare disease. A case report


BACKGROUND: Gestational gigantomastia presents in pregnancy as a rapid and excessive enlargement of the breast reducing the quality of life and causing psychological and physical impairment. Huge axillary enlargement due to Gestational gigantomastia is not mentioned in the literature before. Best treatment remains unclear as conservative and medical management are options beside the more aggressive surgical treatment. CASE PRESENTATION: This is a special case of Gestational gigantomastia presented by huge axillary and breast enlargement in a 34-year-old female. Treated successfully in a conservative manner, a near complete spontaneous resolution happened two months post-delivery. CONCLUSION: Axillary involvement is not mentioned in the limited literature discussing the rare disease of gestational gigantomastia. Not only breast but also axillary area can be involved and enlarge due to this disease. Conservative non-operative management was successful. (C) 2020 IJS Publishing Group Ltd. Published by Elsevier Ltd.



Gestational gigantomastia, Gravid macromastia, Axillary enlargement, Conservative management, Case report