Biophysical assessment of alternative soil fertility technologies through modeling

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Wallingford, Oxon; Cambridge, Mass.: CABI Publishing


In chapter 11, Badini et al. demonstrate the use of a combination of results of data collected from three years of on-farm field trials and long term simulation with CropSyst Modeling to evaluate crop rotations, and organic and inorganic fertilizer practices for yield efficiency, stability and soil sustainability over a simulated 30-year period. Organic fertilization produced the best results in the analysis and the chapter concludes by recommending increased efforts in the development of strategies to produce and apply more manure and other organic fertilizers.


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Experiential learning, Soil conservation, Soil fertility, Manure, Modeling, Soil organic matter, Fertilization, Cropsyst modeling, Crop rotations, Yield efficiency, Madiama commune, Field Scale