Social network analysis for strengthening conservation agriculture participatory research: A closer look at collaboration in the Mount Elgon Region of Kenya and Uganda


The poster presents social network analysis as a method to support collaboration in the participatory research process to design strategies to scale up conservation agriculture production systems (CAPS). Objectives of this research project were to identify knowledge and attitudes concerning agricultural production practices held by actors in the network, to describe the structure of information and physical resource flows between these actors, and to determine critical pathways and opinion leaders that facilitate technological change among farmers and their service sector providers. Research presented was carried out in Eastern Uganda and Western Kenya. The poster highlights the feedback provided by farmers during workshops held in four communities. Both scientific and local knowledge were found in the research communities. Findings identified misconceptions about agent misconceptions about the knowledge of others. Findings also identified challenges to conservation agriculture adoption and how local networks can be mobilized to resolve them. Social Network Analysis contributions to overall project management were also presented. The research verified and expanded the network of service sector/community agents involved in the project, encouraged reflexivity in the research process, and empowered project participants to address network conditions which they can control.



Participatory processes, Adoption of innovations, Community participation, Social network analysis participatory research, Farm/Enterprise Scale


Presented at the SANREM CRSP Annual Meeting, Cincinnati, Ohio ,21-22 Oct. 2012