A systems engineering approach to designing a remote sensing satellite simulation system

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Virginia Tech


This project applies the systems engineering process to development of a remote sensing satellite simulation system. Specifically, the project addresses need definition, conceptual design and a portion of the preliminary design. The human factors engineering process also applies because usability is a critical aspect of the stimulation system. Applicable human factors engineering process steps include market research, design objectives, constraints and functional analysis/allocation.

The proposed remote sensing satellite simulation system would aid companies during the remote sensing system life cycle. These satellite systems are very complex and expensive. Simulations provide a way to test technical and economic feasibility before actually building the satellite systems. Because simulators are less expensive than operation systems, simulations can represent a cost savings during remote sensing system development. The proposed simulator is easily modifiable, and so it can change throughout the satellite system life cycle to more closely match the simulated system during development and operations. This feature makes the simulator as accurate and applicable as possible during the entire remote sensing system life cycle.

This project provides a starting point for preliminary design completion, detailed design, testing, production and operation of the proposed simulation system.