The Importance of Sales Managers' Activities and Time Allocation Toward Job Success in Lodging Properties [Summary]

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Virginia Tech


The changes taking place in travel and tourism within the United States over recent years have caused the role of sales in the lodging industry to become increasingly competitive. Understanding the tasks and how sales managers allocate their time to sales activities has quickly become imperative to hospitality industry leaders. The purpose of the present study is to investigate which activities hotel sales managers perceive to be most important toward their job performance and how those sales managers apportion their time to various tasks and responsibilities. One hundred sales managers completed a mail survey for a response rate of 15.8 percent. An independent sample t-test was used initially to compare sales managers from different market segments based on how they allocated their time to various sales activities. Results of analysis suggest that there are significant differences in time allocation between these hotel sales managers. The results of this study may be applied to industry sales training programs, to further hospitality sales and marketing education, and to the management of sales in different hotel service types in the United States.



travel and tourism, Hospitality Industry, lodging