B-decay anomalies and scalar leptoquarks in unified Pati-Salam models from noncommutative geometry

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Motivated by possible scalar-leptoquark explanations of the recently reported B-decay anomalies, we investigate whether the required leptoquarks can be accommodated within models based on noncommutative geometry (NCG). The models considered have the gauge structure of Pati-Salam models, SU(4) x SU(2)(L) x SU(2)(R), with gauge coupling unification at a single scale. In one of the models, we find a unique scalar leptoquark with quantum numbers (3, 1, -1/3)(321), originating from a complex multiplet (6, 1, 1)(422), which can potentially explain the B-decay anomalies if its mass is on the order of a few TeV. The unification of couplings can be realized with the inclusion of a single step of intermediate symmetry breaking. The scalar leptoquark under consideration does not contribute to proton decay due to the absence of diquark couplings, as dictated by the underlying noncommutative geometry.



Beyond Standard Model, Gauge Symmetry, GUT, Non-Commutative Geometry