Fertilizer demand in Sub-Saharan Africa: Realizing the potential

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USAID, Office of Sustainable Development


This document addresses the policy related to Sub-Saharan African use of fertilizers. One of the most important strategies for economic growth and development is the use of fertilizers. These countries attribute increased fertilizer use to increases in agricultural production, reduction in poverty, as well as other environmental effects. However, policies and regulations are vital to successful and efficient fertilizer implementation and use. These policies must address incentives for improved environmental quality, farmer training, as well as production investments. In addition, increased fertilizer use requires that farmers become more adept at handling the equipment, as well as implementing newer technologies associated with fertilizer use. Finally, governmental policy on fertilizer use must be assessed in the governments' plan for overall development, and funding and support programs must be provided.


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Rural development, Training, Agriculture, Fertilization, Sub-Saharan Africa, Environment, Policy, Ecosystem Farm/Enterprise Scale Governance


Policy Synthesis 77(2005)