Methods for Measuring and Assessing Nonpoint Source Pollutant Control at a Regional Stormwater Management Facility


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Virginia Water Resources Research Center


This report summarizes work completed on the installation of water quality monitoring equipment and the assessment of initial baseline conditions at the Virginia Tech Regional Stormwater Facility located on the main campus in Blacksburg, Virginia. The long-term goal of the research is to assess the pollutant removal efficiency of the regional stormwater facility,consisting of an upper wet pond and a lower dry pond in series. It was constructed in September 1997. Results collected thus far indicate that the biological condition of the pond area was impaired prior to the construction disturbance at the site and remained so after construction. There is evidence of excessive sedimentation during construction and in the post-construction period. However, there is also some limited evidence that the biological condition in the lower ponding area is beginning to recover, although this is expected to take place at a very slow rate. Again, severe sedimentation and the delivery of attached pollutants is the primary cause of degradation. At this time, all four water quality samplers and flow stations have been installed at the regional pond facility and a complete weather station has been built atop the lower pond dam. The collection and analysis of longer-term data on pond performance can now begin.