Structure and design on menus in hospitality in Serbia as a significant sales tool in tourism

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Visoka turistička škola strukovnih studija, Beograd


Written offers represent the image of the operations of each hospitality facility, including a la carte menus that have the most important role. Proper structuring, number of meals, information about food and design, to a large extent, influence the choice of guests – tourists and their satisfaction. The implementation of appropriate scientific methodologies comprehend that the following parameters are important for the proper structuring and design of menus and the actual sale of foods, namely: guidance items and balance, diversity, and composition of the offer, a description of the truth about food and information, the size and design of cover and paper, printing and color. The results represent a picture of the situation in the hospitality industry in the Republic of Serbia, in terms of significant sales resources in tourism.



sales, menu, design, Hospitality Industry, tourism, structure, gastronomy