Therapy apparel for children diagnosed with sensory integration dysfunction


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Therapy apparel (10) is provided to assist in therapy sessions with children diagnosed with sensory integration dysfunction and impaired motor development. The apparel (10) includes a fabric top (14) to be worn over the shoulders and trunk of a child (12), together with a cape (16) and close-fitting headgear (18). The top (14) has fanciful theme decorations (e.g., a beetle) and is equipped with a series of flexible elastic straps for the feet, knees and hands of the child (12) and which can be used during a therapy session. The cape (18) is likewise theme-decorated and includes handholds (84) allowing the child (12) to spread the cape during imaginative play. The headgear (18) is constructed using padded side and sections (104, 106) with flexible elastic sections (108) between the sections (104, 106), and a chin strap (110) allowing the headgear (18) to be drawn into close conforming relationship with the child's head. A series of individual accouterments (114) can be placed on the headgear at the discretion of the child.