Inclusive community forest management: Lessons from Mali, West Africa

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Binghamton, NY: The Haworth Press, Inc


Proponents of community-based natural resource management often use definitions of community that implicitly, if not explicitly, favor resident forest users over migrant forest users. This paper explores the shortcomings of the ''fixed-in-place'' model of community, using examples from ongoing community-based management projects in Mali. The author then summarizes strategies that these projects are using to expand migrant forest user participation in decision-making. The paper ends with a brief discussion of how these experiences in West Africa can enrich community-based natural resource management efforts in the United States.


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Community rights, Humid zones, Community management, Environmental impacts, Tropical zones, Natural resource management, Conservation strategy, Sustainable forestry, Conservation, Modeling, Community participation, Forestry, Resource management tools, Community development, Local governance, Community-based forestry, International forestry (mali), Migrant forest users, Governance


Journal of Sustainable Forestry 13(1/2): 195-203