Network opportunities for promoting conservation agriculture: Kapchorwa, Uganda

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Blacksburg, VA, USA: Office of International Research, Education, and Development, Virginia Tech


This brochure summarizes the findings of the SANREM CRSP Technology Networks Cross Cutting Research Activity in Kapchorwa, Uganda. This includes a description of beliefs about the three main principles of conservation agriculture before project activities began and a map of the agricultural production network in Kapchorwa, Uganda. Key nodes for the transmission of information are also identified. The brochures were distributed accompanying a presentation "Technology networks for conservation agriculture: Kapchorwa, Uganda" and feedback workshop in Kapchorwa held 10 February 2012. Additional copies of the brochure have remained in the local area for distribution by the local team.



Participatory processes, Conservation agriculture, Adult education, Social learning, Social networks, Farmer networks, Conservation agriculture, Adult learning, Social learning, Participatory process, Farm/Enterprise Scale