Sharing seed and knowledge: Farmer to farmer dissemination of agroforestry technologies in western Kenya

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This article uses Social Network Analysis (SNA) and qualitative methods as a framework for studying the sharing of information and seeds for agroforestry in western Kenya. Whereas seeds moved freely within the network, knowledge was only communicated between close kin with frequent interaction. Quantitative SNA was found to be a useful tool to determine individuals of greater power, reach and willingness to give seeds. Qualitative analysis suggested, however, that the information was too complex to move so easily through the network either from these individuals or beyond one's closest personal networks. The study recommends the possibility of targeting the more powerful as ways of disseminating simplified information.


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Agroforestry, Farmer to farmer, Social learning, Agriculture, Knowledge, Knowledge dissemination, Networks, Social network analysis, Kenya, Biomass transfer, Improved fallows, Kinship ties, Knowledge generation, Seed, Snowball sampling, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale


Agroforestry Systems 68(3): 167-179