Design Of A Z-Axis Translating Laser Light Scattering Device For Particulate Settling Measurement in Dispersed Fluids


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A user friendly, Labview(TM) controlled, prototype settling device has been designed and built that incorporates a laser light source and detector fixtured to a z-axis translating stage. The Labview(TM) data interface drives the unit and captures data in the form of scattered intensity as a function of z-axis location. We present some examples of sample output from low- and high-density particles settling in epoxy fluids of various viscosities. This device maps all of the expected settling regimes and, more importantly, valuable scattering information about partial settling is found in instances without a discrete mud line. The effect of resin viscosity on settling has been measured and corresponds well to model predictions. Measurement of settling data in the compression regime was also achievable, validating descriptive models. (C) 2002 American Institute of Physics.





Hoffman, DL; Brooks, DR; Dolez, PI; et al., "design of a z-axis translating laser light scattering device for particulate settling measurement in dispersed fluids," Rev. Sci. Instrum. 73, 2479 (2002);