2019 Open Education Symposium Poster Session

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Faculty, instructional designers, graduate students, and librarians from six institutions of higher education will briefly present an overview of peer-reviewed posters on diverse topics including: Creating open educational resources, linking open education and the career center, a cMOOC for exploring open education, class book projects, introduction to an open learning object repository, open software for graphic, and campus responses to the use of open educational resources.

Presentations Writing and Publishing OER for an Upper-Level Genetics Course (Christine H. Terry, University of Lynchburg) The Career Center and Open Education (Garnett Kinniburgh, William & Mary) Open Learning '19: a cMOOC for Exploring Open Education (Sue Erickson, Virginia Wesleyan University) Class Book Projects and Collaborative Technologies (Robert Browder, Virginia Tech) Integrating an open science project as an open educational resource (Matthew DeCarlo, Radford University) Open, Accessible, Reusable: Creating a Open Learning Object Repository for Learners and Educators (Lisa Becksford & Kayla B. McNabb, Virginia Tech) No graphing calculators, no license fees: free software for the mathematics classroom and beyond (Jason Lachniet, Wytheville Community College) A Discussion on the Use of Open Educational Resources on Campus (Britton Hipple, Darren Maczka, Sarah Donnelly & Leanna Ireland, Virginia Tech)

This event is part of the Open Education Symposium at Virginia Tech. Further details: https://guides.lib.vt.edu/oer/oeweek



genetics, chapter, OER, open textbook, upper-level, career development, open education, community, information literacy, open learning, open pedagogy, Collaboration, publishing, scholarly communication, textbook cost, open science, learning objects, library instruction, free software, scientific computing, statistics, computer algebra, graphing, barriers, benefits, interactive