The Texas Education Consortium for Male Students of Color Cross-Sector Collaboration as a Model for Improving Educational Outcomes

dc.contributor.authorSaenz, Victoren
dc.contributor.authorPonjuan, Luisen
dc.description.abstractThis report will explore the development and evolution of the Texas Education Consortium for Male Students of Color. In sharing their experience, they authors believe that the Consortium can serve as a model for other states or regions that aspire to take the lead on improving educational outcomes for male students of color. In their view, this issue is perhaps the most compelling educational challenge of their time, one that has garnered the attention of national leaders and gained greater urgency in light of the broader economic and societal implications that it portends. The authors first examine the state and national context for males of color, highlighting key data trends that illuminate the pervasive gender gap and highlight the urgency of our work on behalf of this population. In addition, they review the importance of President Obama’s initiative My Brother’s Keeper, which is building momentum and elevating this issue to a national conversation. Next, they provide details about our Consortium and its goals and activities and discuss emergent lessons learned through almost three years of collaboration with our Consortium institutional partners. They conclude by providing tangible next steps, a “blueprint for action” that institutional leaders across educational sectors should consider in embracing this issue as an educational imperative. Their ultimate goal is to inspire and provide guidance for educational leaders in addressing this most salient issue through cross-sector institutional collaborations.en
dc.description.sponsorshipAmerican Council on Educationen
dc.description.sponsorshipCenter for Policy Research and Strategyen
dc.publisherAmerican Council on Educationen
dc.rightsCreative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 Internationalen
dc.subjectMale college students--United Statesen
dc.subjectTexas Education Consortiumen
dc.subjectaccess to higher educationen
dc.titleThe Texas Education Consortium for Male Students of Color Cross-Sector Collaboration as a Model for Improving Educational Outcomesen


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