Climate change in the high Andes: Implications and adaptation strategies for small-scale farmers

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Champaign, Illinois, USA: Common Ground Publishing LLC

This article describes the effect of climate change on agriculture in the highland Andes area of Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru. Small-scale farmers in the past have adopted techniques that have helped them adapt to changing conditions of hydrology, soil, and pest and disease populations. However, the rate of variability predicted as a result of climate change may push these Andean farmers past their range of adaptability and could have major implications for social and environmental sustainability in this region. This article examines the current adaptive strategies and offers potential risk-reduction strategies for producers, rural communities and local institutions.

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Soil, Pest management, Sustainable agriculture, Andes, Climate change, Ipm, Glaciers, Glacier recession, Adaptation strategies, Field Scale
The International Journal of Environmental, Cultural, Economic, and Social Sustainability 6(5): 71-88