Accountability Mechanisms and Mission-Based Activity: A Nonprofit Agency Serving Immigrants and Refugees

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Virginia Tech


This paper assesses the relationship between accountability mechanisms and the mission-based services provided by nonprofit organizations serving refugees and immigrants in America. Currently, over 28.4 million immigrants, ten percent of the nationâ s total population, are estimated to be living in the United States. Many nonprofit organizations were founded specifically to serve these individuals. Nonprofits today are feeling intense accountability pressures, as they are being asked to justify the services they deliver and their operations. Therefore, to comply with funding and regulatory agencies, these organizations are integrating multiple methods and systems of evaluation. This paper examines accountability processes in a nonprofit agency serving immigrants and refugees. In particular, it identifies to whom the case study organization is accountable and the accountability mechanisms used in the case studied. This research further focuses on the time requirements of those mechanisms, the relationship between the mechanisms, and, finally, the impact of the accountability mechanisms on the mission-based activities of the organization.



nonprofit organizations, administrative responsibility, accountability, immigration