Pengaruh tanaman penutup tanah terhadap kelimpahan kutudaun Aphis craccivora Koch(Homoptera: Aphididae), predator dan hasil panen pada pertanaman kacang panjang

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Bogor, Indonesia: Bogor Agricultural University


Summary: A field research trial was conducted to investigate the effects of a cover crop (Arachis pintoi) on abundances of an aphid (Aphis craccivora), one of its ladybird beetle predators (Menochilus sexmaculatus), predatory soil-dwelling arthropods (Formicidae, Gryllidae and Araneida), and on yield of yard-long bean (Vigna sesquipedalis). This field trial was carried out from February to May 2008 in Hambaro Village, Nanggung Subdistrict, Bogor District, West Java, Indonesia, while the laboratory analysis was conducted in the Insect Ecology Laboratory, Plant Protection Department, College of Agriculture, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia.



Integrated crop management, Pest control, Cover crops, Aphid, Predator insects, Arachis pintoi, Aphis craccivora, Menochilus sexmaculatus, Formicidae, Gryllidae, Araneida, Yardlong beans, Vigna sesquipedalis, Field Scale