SANREM CRSP LTRA-10: Development and transfer of conservation agriculture production systems (CAPS) for smallholder farms in eastern Uganda and western Kenya


The presentation covered the overall objectives and activities of the Sustainable Agriculture and Natural Resource Management Collaborative Research Support Program (SANREM CRSP) Long-term research award number 10 (LTRA-10). This research program seeks to promote the development and transfer of conservation agriculture productions systems (CAPS) among smallholder farms in eastern Uganda and western Kenya. The partners actively involved in the program are two host country universities, three non-governmental organizations, and two U.S. universities. The presentation included a brief overview of the program objectives and detailed experimental design. Main challenges throughout project implementation were presented, mainly pertaining to the lack of tools, inadequate participation of host farmers, and insufficient information on correct herbicides. Examples of training actives in Tororo during July 2012 were discussed. The positive impacts of the program, such as improvement in how farmers address issues of productivity with climate smart farming, attested to the success of the programs thus far. The project has created a good platform for various stakeholders in the agricultural sector to come together and voice concerns and chart the way forward for agriculture, effectively creating dialogue that leads capacity building and change.



Stakeholders, Community participation, Local knowledge, Sustainability, Tillage, Partners, Advisory groups, Multidisciplinary, Capacity building, Climate smart agriculture, Farm/Enterprise Scale Field Scale


Presented at "Examining Opportunities for Linkages in Collaborative Research, Technology Dissemination, and Human and Institutional Capacity Development" CRSP Council , Morogoro,Tanzania, 5-7 March 2013